Dawn of Justise

Imagine Batman v. Superman except with Dwyane Wade as Batman and LeBron James as Superman. Doomsday is their common goal that they’ll team up to fight – the Warriors?

Okay, that’s a horrible and unapplicable joke, unless you think Wade and LeBron may team up once more (but I’m not on that boat). That being said, I couldn’t hold back from using a great mashup of Justise Winslow and the latest Batman flick.

If you do look at LeBron as Superman and the Heat as Batman, Winslow is the closest thing that comes to kryptonite. He’s young but he’s smart and steady enough on defense to check LeBron up each possession. Deng may start, but the whole organization knows that Winslow is the young piece for the future.

Winslow never caught my eye until I saw his role as the utility and glue-guy at Duke. Though his recruiting class was headlined by Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones (who were a package deal), Winslow did all the little scrappy things – hustling for loose balls, playing lockdown defense, and bringing the intensity every night.

He got hot in the tournament, they won the national title, and his stock had soared way up as a result of his freshman year. He could have gone as high as 4th to the Knicks, though many saw him going to the Magic at 5.

Then many teams had their plans change, teams were stubborn (looking at you Charlotte), and all of the sudden, the Miami Heat were sitting at #10 ready to snatch up Winslow.

Seems like Pat Riley paid off the other GMs right? It’s ridiculous that Winslow would join a team with Goran Dragic (former all-NBA point guard), future Hall-of-Famer Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng (former All-Star and Duke Blue Devil), Chris Bosh (future HOFer, all star), and Hassan Whiteside (rising young talent).

So here the Heat are, with a young prospect they can develop at their own pace, who has no pressure of being a franchise player just yet. He has time to grow into his own, and he’s certainly not asked for a whole lot on the offensive end. He’s been one of the more consistent defensive presences for Miami, and now with the additions of Gerald Green, Amar’e, and Joe Johnson, there’s even less pressure for him on the offensive end.

If the Heat are going to punish their former Superman LeBron for the collateral damage in Miami, it looks like the dawn of Justise is just starting.


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